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Frequently Asked Questions About Homeowners Insurance What information is needed in order to get a quote? In order to provide a quote, we will need the address of the home as well as the full name and date of birth of the person(s) to be named on the insurance policy. READ MORE >>

Your offer was accepted on a condo and the mortgage company is asking for an insurance binder for something called an H06 policy or a Unit Owners Policy, they may be using terms like “walls in” or “studs in” coverage.  You call your insurance agent and now come the questions: READ MORE >>

You put an offer on a home, now the lender tells you you’re in a flood zone and you need Flood Insurance. This is a situation that has been happening more frequently since the Flood Plain Maps were re-drawn in the Attleboro and surrounding towns in 2015-2016.  Homes that were once in a Zone "X" are now in a Flood Zone "AE". READ MORE >>

What is Ride-Sharing and does my personal insurance policy cover it? Answer:  Ride-sharing, or Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) such as Uber and Lyft provide taxi-like services in Private Passenger Vehicles by connecting passengers with drivers via a smart phone app. READ MORE >>

With the cold weather upon us, here are some tips from the American Red Cross to help prevent frozen pipes and tips on thawing them if they do freeze: Most plumbing is located along the outside walls of the home making them vulnerable to freezing in extremely cold weather, particularly if there are areas of poor insulation or exposure to the outside elements. READ MORE >>

Actually there are two questions that should be asked: 1. Do I need GAP Insurance 2. Where should I buy GAP Insurance? GAP insurance covers the difference (the GAP) between the car's Actual Cash Value (often referred to as book value) and how much you owe on a car of your car is totaled. READ MORE >>

On July 17, 2015 the MA State Budget was signed by Governor Baker which included changes to the thresholds for motor vehicle accident surcharge points.  The new thresholds are: Minor Accident: $1,000 to $5,000 (3 Points) and Major Accidents: $5,001 and over (4 points). READ MORE >>

The answer is that it very well may depending on the situation and what type of auto policy you have.  Massachusetts Private Passenger Automobile policies include Uninsured Auto (UM) and Underinsured Auto (UIM) coverages which “… will pay damages for bodily injury to people injured or killed in certain accidents caused by uninsured or hit-and-run autos. READ MORE >>

Per M.G.L.c.85, sec 15:  Effective April 7, 2015 Massachusetts drivers are now required to turn their headlights on whenever they turn on their windshield wipers.  Drivers can be ticketed if they fail to comply with the law and it is a surchargeable offense. READ MORE >>

To Our Valued Customers -- In uncertain economic times many of us look for new and unique ways to supplement our income. One increasingly popular way to make money is by using your car. BUT, before you put your personal car to work for you, you need to know if your current insurance policy will cover what you are doing READ MORE >>

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